Hello there & Welcome to my Blog!!

Hello there & Welcome to my Blog!!
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Table of Contents

  1. About Me
  2. The Seed of Simplicity
  3. The Vision

About Me

A Chartered Accountant with passion for problem solving, implementing technology solutions, proactive decision maker, diligent & result oriented professional with over 25 years of experience in Financial Services domain.

I have a passion for reading, writing & sharing my learnings & experiences to make it simple & easy for others traversing the same path.

The Seed of Simplicity

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Being part of successful finance transformation project implementations over several years has taught me the importance of keeping things simple whether it is for

  1. Communicating our view points across or
  2. Presenting analysis for decision making or
  3. Understanding other's view points & for
  4. Taking Decisions

The corporate world is mostly filled with high sounding words & jargons which really does not add value or convey anything but confuses everyone.

I am a big fan of keeping things simple & just minimal enough to understand the core concept of anything. This helps in being clear on issues & faster decision making. We don't need graphs & visuals where a simple table would suffice.

I consider simplicity as a seed because to keep things simple, we should develop clarity of thought to distill something to it's core essence. To develop clarity of thought, I find writing very helpful. Writing gives us that clarity & identify gaps in our thinking.

So, to keep things simple, we have to nurture our clear thinking habit.

Distilling something to it's core requires us to put in more mental effort & ask the right questions.

The Vision

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My vision is to explain complex topics in easy Byte sized notes to make it simple enough for anyone to digest & understand. This helps to share knowledge & solidify concepts in a simple & clear fashion.

The possibilities for learning are endless now. Just like electricity & steam engine disrupted society during the industrial revolution, internet & AI has democratized information & education today which is already disrupting society & turning it over like during the industrial revolution. I believe we are living in exciting times where we have to constantly keep ourselves updated on new technologies & trends.

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I hope my humble attempt at making complicated topics simple will help you to gain new perspectives & makes you ask the right questions.

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